Optimize your Amazon products sheets andgenerate more sales

Lakkio is a free tool that helps e-commerce sellers enhance their Amazon product listings and improve their Amazon SEO to drive more sells. By providing detailed data visualizations on the competition and consultant-level recommendations on how to improve your product's performance, Lakkio empowers sellers to make informed decisions about how to optimize titles, descriptions, images, pricing, categories, details and so much more.

With Lakkio, users simply enter their products URLs and the keywords or category names they wish to optimize. The tool then provides a comprehensive analysis of the user’s products listing, comparing it to the top 10 most performing products on that query/category. This analysis includes a breakdown of strengths and weaknesses, as well as written recommendations sorted by priority.

Overall, Lakkio is a powerful and user-friendly tool that helps e-commerce sellers optimize their product listings and improve their SEO on Amazon. You're garanted to gain time and knowledge on your competition aswell to drive more organic visitors and sells to your products.